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We start with an assessment of the area to be organized and discuss the issues, desired outcome and style of the space, and I take pictures. This usually occurs during the free in-home consultation.

We then do a walk-through of the rest of the home and consider how other areas might correlate to that space.

I like to get some ideas together to discuss with you briefly either right then on-site, and/or in a follow-up call or email shortly after the consultation. 


Tackle the project(s): Clear the area and/or gather all like items, sort the items, plan the design, and finish up each session​ - take out the trash, put things away, load up donations, etc.



I shop for your needed storage solutions based on your style & budget. This includes shopping your home first! I love to re-purpose and get creative. This resourcefulness saves time & money, and reduces waste. I research and compile a list of storage solutions. These can be purchased by me, then reimbursed by you after we agree on which items work best in the space, or you are welcome to shop and purchase items yourself if desired. 

Wrap It Up

We finish the space with the new storage solutions and make final tweaks to complete the design. We review the area together and discuss processes to utilize and maintain the space. After that, I'm available for correspondence over the next few weeks for any additional questions that might arise.


  • Declutter and stage your home in order to sell it for top dollar

  • Declutter & Pack for a move

  • Unpack and help set up your new home

  • Organize any space in your home: closets, pantry, kitchen, office, craft room, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, garage, shed etc.


Thank you for your interest. I'll be in contact to book a consultation and/or answer your questions soon!